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EPIVIR-HBV Active Ingredient Lamivudine

Epivir-HBV selectively suppresses replication of HIV-1 and HIV-2 in vitro. Gets into the cells induced by a virus passes into an active form - lamivudine 5 triphosphate which is the weak inhibitor of RNA and DNA-dependent return transcripta

EPIVIR Active Ingredient Lamivudine

Epivir est un médicament antiviral qui empêche les cellules du VIH de se multiplier dans votre corps, ce qui provoque le syndrome d'immunodéficience acquise (SIDA).

Lamivudin (cipla Ltd)
LAMIVUDIN (CIPLA LTD) Active Ingredient Lamivudine

It is used in the treatment of HIV infection in combination with an antiretroviral therapy in adults and children.